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Brand Positioning & Targeting

Make your brand speak to your customers, in their language

By identifying, analyzing and selecting your target market – their needs, their concerns, and their behavior – we can help
you determine the best way to communicate with them. Working with your leadership team and front-line employees, we
can help you determine:

  • • Your competitive frame of reference (What is the market that you compete in?)
  • • Your key customer benefits:
    •     o Functional
    •     o Emotional
    •     o Experiential
    •     o Self-expressive
  • • What is the single most important attribute for your target market?
  • • Who does your target market trust? What types of personality traits?
  • • What does your brand represent to your target market?

As a result of the analysis, we will help you determine your brand positioning statement that includes:

  • • Target customer
  • • Brand essence
  • • Brand promise
  • • Brand personality
  • • Brand archetype
  • Marketing Strategy

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients identify the most profitable opportunities and develop strategies to yield the highest return.

  • Market Research

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients better understand the environment which they operate in.

  • Diversity

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients improve the information system to gain competitive advantages.

  • Our Values

    We are only successful if our clients are successful, and our core values reflect this belief.