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Customer Segmentation

Understand the potential of each customer

Your profit potential varies dramatically across your company's customer base, and different customers can have radically different needs and behaviors. We recognize that simple averages cannot accurately capture the preferences of either your customers or the marketplace as a whole.

Working with your leadership team, we will get a clear understanding of your desired outcomes. Business objectives can be obscured in the segmentation process when companies try to reach all customers in all capacities.

Our market research team systematically designs, collects, analyzes and reports our findings based on your unique
products, markets and needs. We manage all phases of market research from problem identification through action steps facilitation with our client management teams. We can address your market segmentation issues by:

  • • Identifying new market segmentation for your products and services
  • • Segmenting existing or new markets for growth
  • • Identifying prioritized customer values
  • • Researching new channel options
  • • Researching competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • • Customer satisfaction benchmarking
  • • Customer value analysis
  • Marketing Strategy

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients identify the most profitable opportunities and develop strategies to yield the highest return.

  • Market Research

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients better understand the environment which they operate in.

  • Diversity

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients improve the information system to gain competitive advantages.

  • Our Values

    We are only successful if our clients are successful, and our core values reflect this belief.