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Customer Welcome Package

Due to our confidentiality guarantee , we will not be able to disclose the names of our clients without their written consent.

The below case study illustrates our work:

Project Type

Segmentation Project


A culture-oriented organization historically did not have a welcome package for its members; thus members are not highly engaged in the organization and are unaware of all the benefits available to them.


A discussion with key VPs and Directors showed that information regarding benefits of membership is hard to locate, and lacks detail to entice new members. A few factors were defined as critical for new welcome package:

  • • Include all benefits – detailed information about sign up process
  • • Sorted by customer need
  • • Visually appealing


This project was divided into two phases:

  1. 1) Determined key customer needs – Through interviews with members, we prioritized the benefits for members:
  2.    • Conferences & professional events
  3.    • Mentorship Program
  4.    • Online Career Centre
  5.    • Corporate affinity networks
  6.    • Subscription to e-magazine
  7.    • Discounted rate at sponsors
  8.    • Community involvement
  9.    • Access to other chapters around the world
  10. 2) Develop welcome package – With graphic designers, we created a concise and attractive customer welcome package that outlines:
  11.    • Core benefits for ongoing membership
  12.    • Testimonials from distinguished members
  13.    • Detailed information to join various programs and access the benefits


With the new customer welcome package, engagement of new customers (measured by attendance in events & online account login) increased by 35%.

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