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Community Groups Ingrained in Ethnic Markets

How effective are you at targeting ethnic markets? Does your company's existing communication strategy align with your target
community's? Over the years, we've built partnerships with many ethnic community groups that understand your target group – their value system,
culture, language and needs.

Our partners include charities and non-profit organizations community groups with contacts and long-standing credibility in their
respective communities. Through Value Proposition of events and community groups, we can help you build a stronger presence in various ethnic communities.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients identify the most profitable opportunities and develop strategies to yield the highest return.

  • Market Research

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients better understand the environment which they operate in.

  • Diversity

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients improve the information system to gain competitive advantages.

  • Our Values

    We are only successful if our clients are successful, and our core values reflect this belief.