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Market Assessment

Due to our confidentiality guarantee , we will not be able to disclose the names of our clients without their written consent.

The below case study illustrates our work:

Project Type

Market Assessment Project


A financial services institution would like to understand the market attractiveness of immigrants in US and Canada.  This assessment will drive investment decisions to target to specific segments of immigrants.


After discussing with our client, we used a thorough research-driven method to assess the market opportunity.  We used a combination of secondary research (census data and academic journals) and primary research (interviews) to establish a baseline understanding of the immigrant market in US and Canada.


The project was separated into four key components:

  • • Review of immigrants’ financial needs (secondary research)
  • • Evaluate successful financial institutions that reached out to the immigrant community (secondary & primary research)
  • • Alternative viewpoints on immigrants’ financial needs (primary research)
  • • Policy review (secondary research)


We evaluated the attractiveness of various segments of the American and Canadian immigrant markets, find similarities and differences between them, and provide estimates about the market size of various financial products.


This research provided in-depth insight to drive investment decisions for financial institutions in North America.  Unfortunately we’re unable to disclose final results due to confidentiality agreement.

If your organization is facing a similar issue, or you’d like to speak with one of our consultants , please contact us to set up a meeting. We’d be happy to discuss your company’s marketing and strategy challenges.

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