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Deep customer insight to make the right decisions

In order to provide good recommendations, we often involve some form of market research as the basis for gaining deep customer insight. Our research may take the form of primary and secondary research, using qualitative and quantitative methods, while applying our own proprietary frameworks. This ensures that our recommendations and plans are fact-based, grounded in the customers' unique needs and in the realities of the business.
Depending on your unique business question, we will help select the best type of research:

  • • Qualitative research – Understand "Why?"
    • Market Research In-Depth Interviews - A single respondent is interviewed based on various themes and topics (conducted either face to face or via the phone).
    • Market Research Paired Depths - The same as a depth interview but there are two respondents. Particularly useful when ideas need to be 'bounced off' one another.
    • Market Research Mini-Groups - Contains 4-5 respondents.
    • Focus Groups or Group Discussions - Normally contain 8 respondents. With groups you benefit from the interaction between the different personalities.
    • Market Research Observation - Observing a respondent in their 'natural' environment.

  • • Quantitative research – Quantifies a problem, such as "How many? / how frequently?"
    • Surveys – Can be conducted online, by phone or in person (paper surveys)
    • Consumer Panels – Can leverage our proprietary consumer panel

We can serve all your market research needs, from research design to facilitation. We use both our proprietary market research panel as well as third party recruitment to ensure sampling for the research is done right.

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