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Quantitative Market Research

Due to our confidentiality guarantee , we will not be able to disclose the names of our clients without their written consent.

The below case study illustrates our work:

Project Type

Quantitative Market Research Project


A Canadian professional association sought to increase its paying membership base.  It would like to strengthen its programs and services to members.

  • •  Monthly events represent majority of interaction between association and its    members.  These events are opened to the public for an admission fee, while paying    members get free or reduced admission.
  • •  Paying members receive announcements and invitations for exclusive programs,    specific members showcase, and discounts through vendors.


Through in-depth interviews with the executive team, we found that they lack understanding of its existing membership base, members’ motivation for joining membership, and the perceived value of membership.


We designed and fielded a paper survey at events, and an online survey via e-newsletters, with the following categories of questions:

  • • Demographic information
  • • Motivators to join professional organizations
  • • Attractiveness of various events and members’ benefits
  • • Perceived value proposition of membership
  • • Familiarity with competing professional associations


Survey results indicate that the issue is not due to a weak value proposition, but rather one of communication.  Non-members do not understand the benefits of membership.  Two recommendations were made:

  • • Boost communication of its value proposition at monthly events
  • • Implement referral program so members will refer their friends

After the above strategies, membership boosted by 25% in the next six months.

If your organization is facing a similar issue, or you’d like to speak with one of our consultants , please contact us to set up a meeting. We’d be happy to discuss your company’s marketing and strategy challenges.

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