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Holistic review of your strategy

Examining your company's competitive environment, company objectives, marketing strategies and activities can help
identify operational strengths and weaknesses. This could lead to recommendations that change your company's marketing plans and programs to improve performance.
Several key evaluation factors include:

  • • Senior Leadership: Importance placed on marketing strategy?
  • • Decision making process: Data justified? ROI driven?
  • • Primary research: Satisfaction ratings from customers, distributors, vendors
  • • Marketing ROI per vehicle: Performance of advertising, promotion, the sales force, digital and marketing research programs.
  • • Failures: Which aspect of the existing marketing plan failed to meet objectives or ROI?

      • Marketing Strategy

        Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients identify the most profitable opportunities and develop strategies to yield the highest return.

      • Market Research

        Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients better understand the environment which they operate in.

      • Diversity

        Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients improve the information system to gain competitive advantages.

      • Our Values

        We are only successful if our clients are successful, and our core values reflect this belief.