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Technology Solutions Customized for You

Altus Strategy Group Inc. has a professional development team to help solving problems and creating solution designed specifically for businesses that use technology within their everyday activities. We offer the services below,

Web Design and Development
Design with your customers in mind

Start with the right web site design to help strengthen your brand, engage your end users, and maintain your online presence. When building cost-effective online applications, functionality and quality matters. Our experienced business analysis team will find out the most cost-effective way to implement the applications you need. Our thorough Quality Assurance process ensures all code works efficiently.

Usability Testing
Understand your online users and cater to their needs

Make the most out of your online investment – find out what your users are thinking. Learn who your users are, and what their needs may be. Our in-house usability lab will help you understand how users relate and interact with your online application or prototype design.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
Advance your business through your website

An effective campaign is measured by how it actually increases your business – not just how it increases the traffic going into your site. While many technology firms view Search Engine Optimization (SEO) only in terms of achieving high rankings for their clients, we will work around-the-clock to find the most efficient way to attract your target customers to the website and convey key information to them.

We are eager to help your business grow.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients identify the most profitable opportunities and develop strategies to yield the highest return.

  • Market Research

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients better understand the environment which they operate in.

  • Diversity

    Altus Strategy Group Inc. helps clients improve the information system to gain competitive advantages.

  • Our Values

    We are only successful if our clients are successful, and our core values reflect this belief.