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Value Proposition

Due to our confidentiality guarantee , we will not be able to disclose the names of our clients without their written consent.

The below case study illustrates our work:

Project Type

Value Proposition Project


A North American non-profit organization sought to increase its funding through corporate sponsorship – either by increasing its existing sponsors’ funding amount, or by attracting new sponsors to the program.


A thorough analysis of the sponsorship portfolio revealed that:

  • •  All existing sponsorship originated from personal relationships or referrals, and there    was no structured process for lead generation or management.
  • •  Since corporate sponsors were all referred, no focus was placed on creating a strong    value proposition or communicating the value of sponsorship.


This project was divided into three phases:

  • 1)   Sponsorship process – a process   was created for all volunteers to record leads    and actions to attract leads; as well as creating a training / succession document for    continuality.
  • 2)  Building the Value Proposition – through a   quantitative market research study,    we collected data that highlighted the non-profits’ reach and its networks’   purchasing power.
  • 3)   Communication Strategy – With an agency partner   , created a sponsorship      package that highlighted benefits of sponsorship with insight from research study to      strengthen value proposition.


With the new strategy, sponsorship dollars of existing sponsors went up by 12%, and four times as many new leads are in the sponsorship pipeline than prior to the project.

If your organization is facing a similar issue, or you’d like to speak with one of our consultants , please contact us to set up a meeting. We’d be happy to discuss your company’s marketing and strategy challenges.

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